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Learn Anatomy And Physiology: The Easiest Ways To Learn Human Anatomy And Physiology 

Human Anatomy And Physiology Help Let’s face it, learning anatomy and physiology is not going to be easy – it’s a really in depth subject that’s going to take time and effort on your part. There are however, resources out there and proven learning techniques that can simplify the process. One of our favorite such resources is the Human Anatomy & Physiology Course by Dr James Ross who describes his work as “a home-study system that promises to help you master Human Anatomy and Physiology in 3 days or less” – but does it do what it says? Well, we’ve reviewed the course and are able to present our findings here to help you decide if it’s right for you and worthy of investing in. We’ll try to be as honest as possible and present the good points and the downsides of the course. What can you expect to find in Dr. Ross’s Human Anatomy Course? This course is a very detailed resource aimed at anyone who has the desire or need to learn about human anatomy and physiology. Although detailed it’s actually written and presented in a simple, easy to follow and understand way and, as such, it’s split down into a number of sections and modules. Section One: The first section covers all aspects of anatomy and physiology and is split into seven modules: Module 1: The basics of anatomy dividing the various systems of the body into individual units. Module 2: Covers physiology and is sub-divided into the various body systems. Module 3: The meanings of assorted medical terms with techniques to help you remember them. Modules 4-7: Tackles clinical pathology along with the various diseases and a list of associated medical terms. Section Two: The second section is all about pharmacology in addition to drugs, dosages, how they interact with the body along with elements that influence the kind of medicine and the amount needed. Just like in the sections on physiology and anatomy, it provides a detailed glossary used in and relating to pharmacology and pharmacy reference guides. Drug treatment is examined which also includes the way the medicine applies to various bodily systems. There are plenty of diagrams and tables to make this module as simple to understand and learn as possible. Free Bonus: For a limited time Dr. Ross’s Human Anatomy Course also includes a bonus section on paramedic and nursing care as well as CPR for health care professionals – make sure you also receive this useful free bonus. In what ways does the book help you recall the material you learn? Well, it is very simple to follow each lesson as they are presented in the following manner: The objectives of every lesson are outlined Top quality information with easy to understand explanations Key summaries of main facts Revision and exercises to make certain you achieved the objectives for each lesson. Diagrams, pictures, short tests, programmed learning, and associations are included to supplement the material. These methods are designed to help you retain more information and in a short a time as possible. The main goal of the material is to make learning as simple as possible  and to help you recall what you learn. Human Anatomy BannerThe Human Anatomy & Physiology Course is designed for anyone who wants, or needs to learn about the human body and how it works but wants to keep the learning process as simple as possible. It’s aimed at anatomists, medical students, therapists, chiropractors, researchers, injury lawyers, medical practitioners, reflexologists … in fact anyone in the medical field, medical students or those with intentions of going into a medical or related profession – and for those with no medical knowledge or just starting studies … it’s ideal! As said earlier, we’ve tried to provide as honest a review as possible and there are a few aspects that could be improved.

  • Each section represents a separate course in itself  – whilst this makes the learning process easier it does result in a degree of repetition.
  • There’s a question of consistency as the pathology modules adopt a different format to the anatomy and physiology modules.
  • The course claims you can master the course in three days, but even though the course is easy to understand and uses methods to help you recall information, I’d defy anyone to master the entire subject in such a short time.

What about the advantages of the course – is it worth the money?

  • The course contains thousands of pages of material that cover hundreds of medical subjects.
  • It helps students comprehend complex medical terminology in simple ways and makes use of assorted methods to help you commit the material to memory so you will be able to learn quicker. All lessons end with a summary of main concepts, revision exercises and solution to make sure you’ve grasped the subject before moving on.
  • Dr. Ross’s Human Anatomy & Physiology Course contains thousands of detailed diagrams and pictures – all properly labeled to help you understand the modules better and increase your chances of recalling information.
  • You don’t have to enroll in a college course or be an expert in the medical field to benefit from this course. It’s ideal anyone who has a desire, or need, to learn more about the body.

I hope you find this review helpful. There are hundreds of anatomy courses available, but I find this particular one worth the money and time. In spite of a few shortcomings, it is one of the most comprehensive medical guides on the subject we have seen and represents incredible value for money – especially when compared with alternatives. Check out the course and decide for yourself – Click Here>>>

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Anatomy And Physiology Help


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