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Anatomy And Physiology Study Guide: Overview

anatomy and physiology easy learningThe Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide Course by Dr. James Ross teaches everything there is to know about anatomy and physiology. You can find out how the human nerves, muscles, organs, bones, connective tissues, glands e.t.c. communicate, function and relate with each other. The course also teaches you the molecular level workings of your genitourinary, glandular, cardiovascular and digestive systems among other systems in the body. Ross’s course also highlights ways of conquering cellular and comparative physiology. All this is done using the course’s 3 main components. Below is a detailed anatomy and physiology study guide discussing what the three main components cover.

System component 1 

This section of the Anatomy and Physiology Course covers the main anatomy and physiology course materials, lessons, quizzes and answers. System component 1 has tonnes of modules divided into 14 lessons namely; Introduction to human physiology, physiology of cells & miscellaneous tissues, Envelopes of the body, the skeletal system, physiology & actions of muscles, the human digestive system, the human respiratory system & breathing, the urinary system, the human reproductive/genital system, the human cardiovascular & other circulatory systems, the human endocrine system, the human nervous system, the special senses and elementary human genetics.

Other courses covered in system component 1 include; ear, eyes and nose injuries, the human musculoskeletal system, musculoskeletal system nursing care and clinical pathology anatomy and physiology. In a nutshell, system component 1 is the most comprehensive course on anatomy and physiology in regards to material, lessons, quizzes and answers. It is important to note that there is more to what is listed above since each lesson has been expounded. The course is valued at $997.

System component 2

This section covers the drug dosage, therapy and pharmacology aspects of anatomy and physiology. The section touches on drug dosage and therapy, maxillofactal and oral pathology, pharmacology 1 and 2 and principles of microbiology and epidemiology. System component 2 is simply about drugs affecting the autonomic, central nervous system and cardiovascular systems. The section also talks about drugs used to prevent and treat cardiac and lymphatic system infections. Everything you need to know anatomy and physiology in relation to drugs is covered in system component 2. The entire section is valued at $397.

System component 3

This section contains a detailed illustrations graphic pack with tonnes of illustrations on regions in the human body. This section covers; the anatomical position & medial-lateral relationships, the sagittal plane, horizontal plane, frontal plane, body planes, types of muscle tissues, types of epithelial tissues, integumentary derivatives, the anterior/posterior human skeleton view, the side and superior views of a typical vertebra, the human thorax, the front/side view of the human skull, the human hand, the human foot, types of lever systems and so much more.

If you happen to be a researcher or medical student, these diagrams will be a lifesaver. Everything has been done for you. The diagrams are packed with comprehensive illustrations which are very detailed and labelled. The value of this course section is $297. It doesn’t get cheaper than that considering you are getting tonnes of priceless anatomy and physiology diagrams.


anatomy-and-physiologyThe Anatomy and Physiology Course also comes with bonus material. When you buy the course for $37, you get bonus material worth $294. One of the most notable bonuses is a nursing and paramedics master class course. The course has all the fundamental material you need to kick-start a career as a nurse or paramedic even in cases where you don’t have any prior nursing or paramedic knowledge.

The course is packed with detailed illustrations and images to guide you step-by-step along the way. The course is value at $197. The course has the following modules; heart attack & cardiopulmonary resurrection, rescue ops, how to treat eye/ear/nose injuries, surgical and sterile dressing and procedure, nursing fundamentals, nursing care, medical mycology and so much more i.e. tests and quizzes. Considering paramedics train for one and a half to two years for a cost up to $10,000, this bonus course is one of the best bonuses you will ever get in any online medical course.

You also get bonus secrets when you buy The Anatomy and Physiology Course. These secrets are packed with insider research material which is priceless to any medical professional. The secrets are valued at $97.

From the above anatomy and physiology study guide, it is obvious that you are getting a fantastic deal i.e. you get to buy a course worth $1,985 for $37. The course has tonnes of material, illustrations, tests and quizzes which have all been proven to be effective according to numerous customer reviews online.

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